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On-line archiving edarchiv for filling stations

Hand mit Icon edarchiv und Stempel Kassendaten

eurodata is now offering the tried and tested on-line archiving solution edarchiv in connection with points of sale from Huth

eurodata has now realised access to edarchiv for small and middle-sized filling stations. The solution has already been in successful deployment with the filling station partners of the big petroleum companies for many years. The connection of the POS with automatic data archiving will make it easier to implement the POS back-up ordinance (KassenSichV), which came into force in September 2020.

Together with HUTH Elektronik Systeme GmbH, an innovative interface has been implemented, which enables filling station enterprises to make back-ups of their POS data on a daily and fully automated basis in eurodata’s ISO-certified data centre. To a very great extent, this convenient solution for the archiving of POS and corporate data manages without manual operations, provided that the supporting documents are already available in digital form. For several years, the filling station partners of the big petroleum companies have been taking advantage of digitalisation and automation. The added values of this automatic back-up obvious: the statutory requirements relating to conformity with the basic principles of proper accounting and the preservation of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access (GoBD) are met without any manual operations, the amount of paper generated in the form of supporting documents is reduced considerably, and the retrievability of supporting documents is simplified. The documents are delivered directly from the POS data or by e-mail. These advantages are now available to the filling station operators of small-to-medium-sized petroleum dealers and independent filling stations.

As well as the archiving of POS data in conformity with the GoBD, scanned documents can also be delivered in edarchiv if required, allocated via key words and saved. And the high-performance search for stored data is just as fast and uncomplicated as the archiving itself. The data is stored in eurodata’s certified high-performance data centre in Saarbrücken.

At (german content), filling station operators who are interested can find all the important information on edarchiv. With edarchiv, eurodata is now also offering small-to-medium-sized and independent filling-station operators an attractive archiving solution.