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Eurodata launches website on the retail management suite

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The new website edrms provides information on how it works, areas of application and above all, the added value for the customer

Eurodata has published a website that deals exclusively with the edrms software suite, in order to meet the increasing interest in global solutions for the management of small, medium and big networks of filling stations.


The suite is built with the fuel and convenience retailer in mind, entirely focused on responding to the fuel and convenience retailer’s daily business needs, both at headquarters (HOS) and station level (BOS). The cloud based back-office and head-office solutions are designed to manage a complete network of filling stations, both stations operated by the energy retailing company and stations with franchisees.


The software suite is an international multi-lingual proven solution coming as one single global software for all markets, is highly modular and configurable, enabling the fuel and convenience retailer to align the solution to the specific needs of the network of filling stations.


The new website offers clear, self-explanatory information about the fuel and convenience retail management suite and includes essential information such as references, partners and contact options.


“The edrms mission is straightforward: to fulfil the information needs of professional fuel and convenience retail organisations at station and headquarters level by using the information technology in order to optimise profitability”, says Joop Hoestra, Director Global Business – Retail solutions.


“The suite edrms is a middleware sitting between the forecourt and accounting solution. Our BOS and HOS solutions form the consistent software layer for the modern fuel and convenience retailers, seamlessly integrating with the different forecourt and accounting solutions systems in use, avoiding unnecessary replacement of existing systems”.

The suite is marketed and developed by an international Eurodata team of specialists in the global fuel and convenience retailing sector. Eurodata France is the centre of competence for edrms.


The address of the new edrms website is: