Smart Services Solutions – cross-company processes, simple Data Integration and Industry 4.0

“Think Big – Start Smart”

The future belongs to innovative Industry 4.0 business models. It is so-called Smart Services that are deployed in the implementation of these promising concepts. By Smart Services we understand the combination of physical and digital services to form new, intelligent products and digitally enhanced business models. With a combination of technical and subject-specific know-how the experts at eurodata have designed solutions which can provide direct entry into the world of Industry 4.0.

The Smart Services Solutions from the eurodata-Group combine top-class technology for various different business areas and sectors into complete digital concepts. These concepts reduce expenditure or elevate processes on to a new plane, forming the basis for the digitalisation of projects involving many aspects of Industry 4.0. All the solutions are united by the concept of the ideal automation of processes and the target-oriented processing of data. Having said that, they do differ from one another in the way the components are put together and the way the actual customer project is designed.

However, the basis for the solutions is always formed by the eurodata technologies (e.g. data integration), monitoring and other high-performance analytics instruments. Furthermore, our technical high-performance tools are supplemented by the many years of experience of our experts and the close collaboration with our partner network. We work together with specialists for sectors and processes and with strategy and management consulting.

Smart Services Solutions from the eurodata-Group

In the eurodata-Group’s Smart Services business segment, the best in their field come together – our specialised subsidiaries compacer, eurodata comesio and INFOSERVE – in order to be able to offer you the best possible service.

We see ourselves as a unit, and for that reason our customers can quite simply contact us and talk about any aspect of smart services at any time. Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail:

EDI – electronic data interchange

When it’s a question of digitalisation, EDI (electronic data interchange) is a fundamental element in the optimisation and automation of corporate processes. EDI comes into play particularly when the secure, reliable and fast interchange of data, documents and information in business relationships is called for. Our subsidiary compacer has the solution.

E-invoicing – electronic invoice processing and exchange

A large number of invoice documents of many different kinds are received in companies every day. Fast and error-free processing and compliance with statutory or contractual guidelines guarantee the satisfaction of business partners. Get more digital when it comes to E-invoicing with our subsidiary compacer.


For many manufacturing companies, the connectivity and digital integration of machines and systems in particular is a major issue and often a challenge. But modern components can also be retrofitted on older production systems, bringing them up to date and enabling them to cope with Industry 4.0. You can find out how that works from our subsidiary compacer.

Predictive Maintenance

Being able to see the future in a crystal ball is a thing man has always dreamed about. Now, with predictive analytics, it seems to be coming within reach. And even if it does sound a bit like witchcraft, the ingredients are in fact quite down to earth. Algorithms, statistical methods, artificial intelligence and neural networks are the components of this seeming magic. Learn more about predictive maintenance from our subsidiary compacer.


Meanwhile, it is not just the cryptocurrency ‘bitcoin’ that has made the blockchain concept well known. Everyone is already talking about it as a technology that goes beyond the frontiers of the financial sector. But when is it to be used in the context of Industry 4.0 and when does its use really make sense? You can obtain more information about this from our subsidiary compacer.


Industry 4.0 concepts provide new challenges for business analytics and monitoring. Here we offer various options for the viewing of data – real time intelligence (edpem), operational intelligence and business intelligence – and the specialised software solutions required.

Process event monitoring system

Fast and smooth business processes are important for customer satisfaction, and they help to reduce costs and thus maintain your competitive strength on the market. With edpem, you get real-time intelligence at the push of a button when it comes to obtaining an end-to-end view of your processes. By means of careful monitoring, the proactive process event monitoring system minimises operative risks and warns you, so that in an emergency you can intervene or initiate corrective measures. You can obtain more information about this from our subsidiary compacer.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence (OI) refers to the dynamic real-time analysis of business data which affords a company a more profound insight into its status and business procedures. OI makes it possible to gain informed decisions in real time and, on the basis of the analytical insights, take immediate measures that fulfil to the modern demands made on companies in terms of speed and agility. Our solution: through its subsidiary INFOSERVE GmbH, eurodata offers many years of expert knowledge in the field of Operational Intelligence. Our specialists will assist you in the monitoring, tracking, analysis and validation of your data. That enables you to obtain relevant information fast, so that you can make your company more secure, more effective and more profitable.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) comprises combined methods and processes for the systematic gathering, storage, analysis and depiction of data in electronic form. BI software tools can help companies cope with extensive quantities of data and derive valuable information from them. BI makes it possible to arrive at profound business decisions on the basis of these precise, up-to-the-minute data. Our Business Intelligence experts at eurodata comesio GmbH provide software solutions and consulting services on all aspects of Business Intelligence and Big Data. These support you in many different areas, including production planning, sales planning, and integrated success and finance planning.This enables you to make informed decisions on the basis of hard facts, achieve better results and obtain a clear overview of trends, opportunities, weaknesses and risks.


The basis of the eurodata concept for Industry 4.0, and at the same time a prerequisite for modern business models, is digitalisation. With the business integration cluster edbic, eurodata customers get proven top-class technology, with which workflows can be modelled and thoroughly modern Smart Service platforms set up.

Business Integration Cluster

edbic is a modern data integration system that connects all those involved along the value chain (digitalisation). All business data with their different formats and origins come together in edbic, and business processes are sustainably improved by automation. edbic supports the visualisation of your business processes (e.g. with edpem, Longview, IBM Cognos), ensuring clarity (technical monitoring and process overview) and stability (active cluster architecture), for example in internal sequences (A2A) or data interchange with your business partners (B2B). You can obtain more information about this from our subsidiary compacer.


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