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Trade networks often have structural advantages over multilevel corporations: They do not employ hired managers at the point of sale, but cooperate with independent partners like franchise holders, leaseholders or brand dealers. Local contractors know their local market extremely well, they can react quickly and flexibly to market changes and are highly motivated actors – if only because their own success and survival are at stake. The head office, on the other hand, relieves its local partners from certain tasks that would mean a significant additional cost in time and money to them and which they often cannot carry out in equal quality. Among these tasks are procurement or brand management.

At the same time, each trade network has to cope with structural disadvantages arising from its cooperative nature: Without appropriate measures, each local partner only sees his own situation, he will never know how well-positioned he is. The head office has similar blind spots, because it is removed from events and key indicators at the POS, thus, it can only manage and coordinate its partners in a very limited way.
This is where our billing and controlling systems can help both sides.

Pure controlling systems

On the basis of previously defined standards, the partners or their tax advisers regularly send us exploitation data. We use this data to generate business evaluations and benchmarks for each partner. These…

  • are proven in practice, tailed to suit the respective sector and the peculiarities of the trade network and are being quickly and continually adapted to market evolutions
  • audit key performance indicators such as gross income, working capital and solvency
  • highlight each partner’s weaknesses and document his strengths
  • show how each partner fares against similar competitors
  • allows informed discussions with the head office and with banks

Depending on the agreement made with the partners, some of the evaluations may also be made available to their head office.

Integrated billing and controlling systems

For this service, we collaborate with tax advisers we have specially trained and licensed to provide tax and business counselling for our clients’ partners. For this collaboration option

  • we help the partner with his evaluations our expert advisers help him to convert numbers to actions
  • the partner doesn’t get an isolated snapshot of his business, but a global view in relation with his personal economic circumstances
  • the partner receives counselling from business person to business person
  • the partner leaves accounting to the accounting professionals and concentrates on his core business
  • we can much better verify the quality of incoming data, so that benchmarks are based on an extremely solid foundation
  • we guarantee that all trade and tax regulations are always taken into consideration

Brand and branch systems

The more trade networks represent a sector, and the larger those networks, the more benchmarks become possible within a network. This, in turn, makes the data more meaningful, so that general market analyses can be validated better.
This is exactly the idea eurodata has brought to market some 50 years ago, at first for the filling station sector. Today, we also offer branch-specific systems for the healthcare, gastronomy and hotel sectors.

Additionally, we have set up a range of brand-specific accounting and controlling systems for individual networked organisations, even beyond classical trade.

Example edfis

edfis is a pure controlling system, that is used in the area of ​​franchise networks.

Example edtas

edtas is an integrated accounting and controlling system with currently over 7,000 participating filling stations in Germany.

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