Business Intelligence – planning, analysing and reporting corporate data

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Business Intelligence (BI) comprises combined methods and processes for the systematic gathering, storage, analysis and depiction of data in electronic form. BI software tools can help companies cope with extensive quantities of data and derive valuable information from them. BI makes it possible to gain profound business decisions on the basis of these precise, up-to-the-minute data.

eurodata offers comprehensive expert knowledge in the field of Business Intelligence coupled with many years of experience. Relational and multi-dimensional reporting, financial performance management, corporate planning and budgeting: our specialists support you in many different areas, including production planning, sales planning, and integrated success and finance planning. The facilities we have recourse to include partner software from IBM Cognos and Longview Arcplan. This enables you  to make informed decisions on the basis of hard facts, achieve better results and obtain a clear overview of trends, opportunities, weaknesses and risks.