Smart Services Solutions - cross-company processes, simple Data Integration and Industry 4.0

"Think Big - Start Smart"

The future belongs to innovative Industry 4.0 business models. It is so-called Smart Services that are deployed in the implementation of these promising concepts. By Smart Services we understand the combination of physical and digital services to form new, intelligent products and digitally enhanced business models. With a combination of technical and subject-specific know-how the experts at eurodata have designed six solutions which can provide direct entry into the world of Industry 4.0.

eurodata Smart Services Solutions

The Smart Services Solutions from eurodata combine top-class technology for various different business areas and sectors into complete digital concepts. These concepts can cut costs or elevate processes to a new dimension – but above all they can also form the basis for new business models.

All these solutions are united by the concept of the ideal automation of processes and the target-oriented processing of data. Having said that, they do differ from one another in the way the components are put together and the way the actual customer project is designed.

However, the basis for the solutions is always formed by the eurodata digitalisation technologies (e.g. data integration), monitoring and other high-performance analytics instruments. Our technical high-performance tools are furthermore supplemented by the many years of experience of our experts and the close collaboration with our partner network. We work together with specialists for sectors and processes and with strategy and management consulting.

Connected Supply Chain - monitoring logistics processes

It's not just transparency in the supply chain that is important today. It takes a view of the system as a whole, with all the heterogeneous supply chains and other systems right along the value chain – and without any logical inconsistencies – to ensure the necessary efficiency and thus also a competitive advantage. A cross-system monitoring scheme of this kind is the most essential success element for the requirements of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and digital connectivity.

Predictive Maintenance

Der Blick in die Glaskugel war schon immer ein Traum der Menschheit. Mit Predictive Analytics scheint er greifbar zu werden. Auch wenn es nach Hexerei klingt, so sind die Zutaten doch rein irdischer Natur. Algorithmen, statistische Methoden, künstliche Intelligenz und neuronale Netzwerke sind die Zutaten dieser scheinbaren Magie

E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce is the high-value smart services e-business solution when it comes to connecting up partners and suppliers digitally with their product information, for example to on-line shops, catalogues or portals. The clean integration and the automation of the data import enable digital business processes to run smoothly, simplify expansions, and promote that flexibility which is so important for the customer in heterogeneous market situations.

EDI - electronic data interchange

When it's a question of digitalisation, EDI (electronic data interchange) is a fundamental element in the optimisation and automation of corporate processes. EDI comes into play particularly when the secure, reliable and fast interchange of data, documents and information in business relationships is called for.

E-Invoicing – electronic invoice processing and exchange

A large number of invoice documents of many different kinds are received in companies every day. Fast and error-free processing and compliance with statutory or contractual guidelines guarantee the satisfaction of business partners.

Connected mobility

Meanwhile, many cars are equipped with intelligent assistance systems, hinting at a new value-added chain of previously unimagined dimensions for consumers. 'Connected mobility' is the market of the future in the automotive sector. With its smart services solution 'connected mobility', eurodata shows how setting up an ecosystem incorporating assistance systems, and also data from the Internet or other sources, can bring completely new possibilities for utilisation and efficiency into effect.

Smart Services 3-layer model

The experts at eurodata have developed the 3-layer model, which helps to show companies what possible components they could use and how they can proceed on their way to individual Smart Services. eurodata accompanies you with the necessary software solutions on your entry into the world of Industry 4.0 and other digitalisation and data integration projects. Actual concepts derived from this approach can also be seen in Smart Services Solutions.


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  New business models

Many companies have difficulty with the identification and development of new, digital business models. With its "smart start pack", eurodata provides a service that initiates the process methodically in the search for new business models.


Industry 4.0 concepts provide new challenges for business analytics and monitoring. Here we offer various options for the viewing of data - real time intelligence (edpem), operational intelligence and business intelligence – and the specialised software solutions required.


The basis of the eurodata concept for Industry 4.0, and at the same time a prerequisite for modern business models, is digitalisation. With the business integration cluster edbic, eurodata customers get proven top-class technology, with which workflows can be modelled and thoroughly modern Smart Service platforms set up.

The eurodata Group's Smart Services business segment

In the eurodata Group's Smart Services business segment, the best in their field come together – our specialised subsidiaries eurodata tec, TTO, eurodata NOW!, eurodata comesio and INFOSERVE – , in order to be able to offer you the best possible service. We see ourselves as a unit, and for that reason our customers can quite simply contact us and talk about any aspect of smart services at any time on +49 7034 99 89 - 100 or at