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eurodata again awards Saarland scholarships to talented students

Plakat eurodata Stipendium wird von einer Person gehalten 2 Hände sichtbar

This job advertisement is aimed at students on study courses in computer science. Apply now before January 6th 2021!

eurodata sponsors especially gifted and capable students at Saarland University and the Saarland College of Technology and Economics (htw saar). This advertisement is aimed at students enrolled on computer science study courses.

eurodata also offers its scholarship students the opportunity to get some initial insights into the world of work at a medium-sized software company with over 500 employees worldwide as undergraduate assistants. Anyone who wishes to do so can also embark on a stint as a working student or write a term paper or thesis in cooperation with eurodata.

The deadline for application is January 6th 2021.


Details of the scholarships at: or