Solutions for tax advisors and accounting services

Payroll accounting in the secure eurodata cloud

You demand the highest quality for your deliverables and expect utmost efficiency from your employees?

Asking for high quality and productivity within your company? If so, eurodata's cloud solutions for tax advisors and accounting services perfectly match your requirements.

Leverage the services running on eurodata's own high security data center and focus on your professional expertise instead.

Already, more than 1,400 offices are thrilled by our cloud solutions.

Solutions for your clients

Cloud technology enables you to offer virtual offices to your clients thanks to our solution edfirma:

  • secure communication between you and your client

  • central document storage at the eurodata data center

  • document entry

  • billing module from offer to invoice

  • online banking

  • access to digital personnel records

  • time tracking for payroll accounting

Solutions offered by ETL PKC part of our group of companies

Consulting across all sectors of industry and payroll accounting

Are you, as a tax consultant, really satisfied with your payroll accounting solution? If not, you should talk to us: As part of the ETL tax consultancy group we are focused on payroll accounting, which means we speak your language and understand the needs and wishes of your clients. Using the secure cloud solution provided by eurodata AG, we manage everything concerning a safe, modern and timely payroll accounting. Additionally, we provide consulting on labour cost optimization and can advise you on labour and social law issues.


Cloud-based accounting for tax advisors and accounting services including online accessibility for clients

This solution is only available in Germany!


Cloud-based payroll accounting for tax advisors and payroll services including digital personnel records and online accessibility for clients

This solution is only available in Germany!


Cloud-based time recording for your clients – easy, secure and conforming to MiLoG (German law).

This solution is only available in Germany!


Efficient cloud-based personnel planning for your clients – clear and simply manageable shift planning with integrated reporting.

This solution is only available in Germany!


eddrive is the certified cloud solution that allows you to create secure data rooms for collaboration with colleagues or clients.