Solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

These solutions are currently only available in German!

Payroll accounting and time recording made easy

You don’t want to coordinate your employees with a hodgepodge of applications from different providers anymore? Requirements such as payroll accounting, personnel planning or time tracking need to conform to the latest legal standards and still be easy to execute?

If so, eurodata's cloud solutions for SME are exactly what you want.

Leverage the new eurodata suite including edlohnedtime PLUS and edtime and experience a new ease of use.

Modern SME secure solutions from the cloud

The new eurodata product suite offers you several solutions in one package: edlohn, edtime and edtime PLUS Whether your want to use separate applications or the entire suite, eurodata's solutions are the perfect match for your payroll accounting, time recording or personnel planning needs. By outsourcing to the cloud, tracking transactions for payroll accounting purposes, coordinating workforce deployment of your employees becomes child's play.

Solutions of - part of our group company – the carefree tax consultancy

By using highly innovative applications such as’s entrepreneur portal or mobile app, companies can easily reduce their administrative efforts and outsource responsibilities in good conscience. This leaves them with more time for their core business and additionally guarantees legal compliance. Experience the simple, user-friendly and efficient tax consultancy – with your personal tax advisor as a fixed point of contact.

Solutions of ETL PKC - part of our group company

Cross-industry consulting services and payroll accounting

Managing payroll accounting of your employees requires high security, diligence and trust. Stringent deadlines and frequent changes in the law quickly make payroll accounting a difficult administrative act that can quickly lead to discontent on the part of the workforce without professional support.

By outsourcing payroll to ETL PKC, you can benefit from the expertise of over 100 payroll specialists across Germany.


Cloud-based payroll accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises, incl. expert counselling, a wide range of functions, eLohnakte (digital payroll records), eMitarbeiter (online access for employee) etc.

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eMitarbeiter – the efficient, digital employee portal for small and midsized companies. With secure employee access to all documents that have to do with wages and salary. Any time, and from anywhere.

edtime PLUS

Your professional personnel planning solution.

Planning your shifts in an easy, intuitive, time-saving way which is always up-to-date. 
Create and manage shift schedules, tasks, work instructions and appointments – including archiving. Access with web and mobile apps.


With our cloud-based time recording system edtime, you can digitally track the working times of your employees, always present documents in accordance with German minimum wage law (MiLoG) and even simplify the management of personnel master data.