Real Time Intelligence: edpem – the process event monitoring system

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edpem is a proactive process event monitoring system. It offers you an intra- and inter-company end-to-end view of your processes and thus bridges the gap between IT, specialist departments and management. With edpem, operative risks can be monitored in detail, so that immediate interventions and corrections can be made if necessary. The result is smoother and faster sequences which in turn increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve your competitive strength.

End-to-end monitoring

edpem brings together all the information from connected systems and makes it available to distributed teams. edpem thus enables you to carry out inter-company end-to-end monitoring of business objects, whatever their number and type, and builds a bridge between IT and the various divisions.


edpem is a sector-neutral monitoring and reporting software and does not require any particular BPM system. That means that your processes do not need to be re-engineered. Our mashup concept also makes it possible to integrate external data sources and graphical user interfaces seamlessly.


The fundamental system architecture is based completely on Java, so edpem is platform-independent. It is also web-based, and that means that it is available anywhere.

Communication infrastructur

For the generation of messages, eurodata edbic, IBM MQ Series or other ESBs / customer systems can be deployed. So edpem does not, for example, require direct access to your customer databases (passive solution); that in turn means that it does not influence the availability or performance of your existing systems and databases.

Graphic monitoring

Scope of application and possible uses:

edpem can be deployed in all areas of the company in which processes and workflows need to be monitored: CRM, logistics, ordering, supply chain management, compliance with SLAs, processing of supporting documents, tracking & tracing etc.

eurodata tec GmbH is a eurodata subsidiary which provides software solutions and consulting services on all aspects of 'Industry 4.0'. The focus is on process monitoring with edpem and data integration with edbic.