Real Time Intelligence: edpem – the process event monitoring system

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Fast and smooth business processes are important for customer satisfaction, and they help to reduce costs and thus maintain your competitive strength on the market.
With edpem, you get real-time intelligence at the push of a button when it comes to obtaining an end-to-end view of your processes. By means of careful monitoring, the proactive process event monitoring system minimises operative risks and warns you, so that in an emergency you can intervene or initiate corrective measures. 

End-to-end monitoring

edpem can be deployed in all the corporate divisions in which processes and workflows need to be monitored. All the information from the interconnected systems is brought together and made available, enabling end-to-end monitoring throughout the company.


edpem can be used in almost any sector. The simple implementation and integration of external data sources and the graphical user interfaces are appreciated by our customers.


edpem is based on Java, which gives it the advantage of being platform-independent. And because the operation of edpem is web-based, it is available to you wherever you are.

Communication infrastructur

Your customer databases do not necessarily need to be accessed, because for example edbic, the IBM MQ Series or other ESBs and in-house systems can be used to generate messages.

Compacer GmbH is a eurodata subsidiary which provides software solutions and consulting services on all aspects of 'Industry 4.0'. The focus is on process monitoring with edpem and data integration with edbic.

For more information go to the edpem product page at compacer.