edbic – the platform for Data Integration and Process Automation

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edbic is a modern data integration system that connects all those involved along the value chain (digitalisation). All business data with their different formats and origins come together in edbic, and business processes are sustainably improved by reasonable automation. edbic supports the visualisation of your business processes (e.g. with edpem, Longview, IBM Cognos), ensuring clarity (technical monitoring and process overview) and stability (active cluster architecture), for example in internal sequences (A2A) or data interchange with your business partners (B2B).


edbic ensures easy interaction. The modern suite combines and orchestrates various applications, data sources, interfaces, services and any number of endpoints and workflows with one another in such a way that a single, consistent process is created.


With edbic you're always on the safe side, because various procedures, such as secured transmission routes, certifications and auditings and logging render your data secure. In addition to that, communication modules can be isolated from the actual system and installed in front of the firewall.

Technology and architecture

edbic is based on Java, which gives it the advantage of being platform-independent. Because the operation of edbic is web-based, it is available to you wherever you are. It can be used in your own proprietary services, but also as a shared or private platform. 


edbic has a large number of predefined functional elements and connectors, so the modern business integration suite can be deployed in no time at all. It's not only the high performance of the system that is appreciated by our customers, but also its modern architecture. The latter enables a large number of transactions and very large datasets to be implemented in a way that makes the best possible use of the resources available.