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UNITIexpo: eurodata presents secure cloud solutions for the digital filling station office

UNITIexpo: eurodata präsentiert sichere Cloudlösungen für das digitale Tankstellenbüro

From 14-16 May 2024, UNITIexpo, the leading trade fair of the European filling station and car-wash industry, will be taking place in Stuttgart. As always, eurodata AG will be there with a stand of its own (Hall 5, 5C32), presenting exciting innovations in edoil, edtas, edarchiv and edtime.

eurodata provides a comprehensive range of services: mobile recording of time worked, including personnel deployment planning and web-based payroll accounting, the filling station analysis system edtas, various archiving solutions and day-to-day accounting at leased filling stations with the ERP solution edoil. In particular, the degree of integration in these solutions creates numerous synergies for filling station operators and lessees, because in many situations the automatic data exchange among the various cloud solutions – free of media discontinuity – means that it is no longer necessary to enter data manually, so that more time is freed up for other work. That doesn’t  just make work at the filling station more attractive; it also brings about a noticeable reduction in the workload.

This year, eurodata’s appearance at UNITIexpo will focus on the new business planning integrated in edtas and the task management integrated in edtime. Both help to bring significant relief in day-to-day company operations. edtas business planning supports petroleum companies with relevant reports based on historical data. It is of no importance whether a company works using a ‘bottom-up’ or a ‘top-down’ system – the new planning functions support both methods and are an attractive alternative to the scenario planning functions in Excel, though the latter are still much in use.

As well as wide-ranging task, administration and organisation functions, the new task management in edtime also has the ability to put together recurring jobs in a kind of ‘task catalogue’ which is then made available to the filling station operators.

That gives them an overview and helps to ensure that nothing on the to-do list gets forgotten. Flanked by a clever communication tool, the task management simplifies and speeds up the exchange of information among filling station employees, lessees, operators and wage clerks.

Just how task management can become a digital turbo in the filling station business is a thing that Zeljko Katavic will be revealing in a talk at UNITIexpo at 2 p.m. on 15 May 2024.

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