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Subsidiary gusti Software now to become compacer NL

The integration specialist from Gärtringen is rounding out its portfolio and expanding its internationality

The previous partnership collaboration of compacer GmbH with the Dutch software enterprise gusti Software has now become a merger. Since the beginning of August, gusti Software has belonged to the integration specialist compacer.

Like compacer, the Dutch software enterprise gusti Software has been part of the eurodata Group for five years now. The core business of gusti Software is system integration and the exchange of structured information via standards such as Edifact, ANSI-X12 and XML, in other words digital commercial documents. This portfolio, and that of compacer GmbH, which has come to specialise in IoT issues and the integration and automation of business-relevant processes, thus rounds off the range of services.

Fred van Scheppingen, managing director of gusti Software, is delighted to know that his life’s work is in good hands: “For years now, we have been working together closely with our colleagues at compacer and intensively exchanging ideas about current market developments. I’ve come to know compacer as a reliable and innovative partner, and I’m sure that the business will continue to be managed in the way I intended, and even expanded to include some new solutions.”

Lumir Boureanu, managing director of compacer GmbH, sees things much the same way: “The Dutch team at gusti Software will give us a tremendous opportunity, not only to expand the EDI business and our integration projects internationally, but beyond that, also to establish our IoT solutions. It is going to be easier to serve the Benelux market from the Netherlands than from Baden-Württemberg. Apart from that, the EDI expertise of our colleagues will be a gain for the entire team, and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide our services to existing gusti Software customers.”