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Personnel wanted for growth! eurodata’s job offers do not take a summer break

An affinity for information technology is a good qualification for new vocational challenges at eurodata. Apart from the positions in software development, system architecture and IT system support, the company also encourages people who can assist users and customers with regard to the various different solutions. “At this interface it’s service providers and troubleshooters who are in demand. They receive good training at eurodata, and are networked so as to able to deal competently with functional or technical issues. Given that eurodata has its main focus on the development of commercial solutions and their operation in its own data centre, experience in accounting and HR payroll is of great value, especially in tax advisor’s offices and with the relevant service providers”, says Dietmar Kerber, director of accounting & personnel.

Just like the software specialists who are wanted on account of the growth in the company in various different fields of emphasis, the customer care staff also benefit from the mobile work amenities. Right back at the beginning of the pandemic, eurodata had positive experiences with mobile work. “The work time models and technological conditions are really good for the compatibility of family and profession. Even if they don’t have family, many of our employees avail themselves of this option to help achieve a good work-life balance. It goes without saying that we also continue to provide ‘desks’ on location in Saarbrücken. But many people don’t see one another live until there is a company celebration or some other in-house meeting – and when they do, they enjoy it.

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