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Innovative solutions: 55 years of eurodata – and other jubilees

Software enterprise remains convincing with innovative cloud solutions and continues to develop its market leadership

This year, the Saarbrücken software manufacturer eurodata is not just celebrating its own 55-year existence, but also the 25th anniversary of its subsidiary INFOSERVE and the success of the time recording solution edtime, which was launched 5 years ago and is much in demand.

Originally, various festivities were planned, including some involving customers. But because of Corona, the company has decided to dispense them. Having said that, the customers will still get their money’s worth, because in their further development, the various cloud solutions focus clearly on the needs of the user. For example edlohn, the leading solution for on-line payroll accounting, has been extended so that since April it has also been possible to do the accounting for the Corona short-time allowance with it.

The time recording solution edtime has also undergone appropriate adaptation and now offers users a very good, legally compliant recording of time worked which includes the recording of short-time work. In interaction with the eurodata solution edlohn, other added values can also be achieved, because the data from edtime, integrated directly in edlohn, can be used for payroll accounting. The advantages of this strong connectivity have helped many enterprises to cope with the altered work situation and manage the accounting of wages and salaries appropriately, not least during the Corona lockdown.

With numerous explanatory videos and tutorials published by eurodata on its YouTubeChannel, the software enterprise ensures that users can implement the benefit of these solutions fastly. And the same goes for the many webinars which, particularly in these times of Corona, are held free of any costs for customers and other interested parties.

“Now especially, cloud solutions are very much in demand, because they make it easier for people to work together in an uncomplicated way, even if they do so in different places and at different times”, says Dr. Dirk Goldner, chairman of eurodata AG. He is proud of the innovative solutions that eurodata, together with its subsidiaries, is able to offer its customers. The subsidiaries include compacer with its smart service solutions, comesio and its business intelligence concepts, ProPep with the brands edtime and edpep, and the IT systems company INFOSERVE, which is celebrating 25 years this year.

“One thing that is certainly special about eurodata is that we host our cloud solutions in our own certified high-performance data centre. That way, we can guarantee our customers the best possible quality and the highest possible security standards in terms of data archiving”, Goldner adds.

eurodata’s customers appreciate the way we see our duty to perform in the long term. That is illustrated not only by the circumstance that eurodata has been up among the market leaders in the filling station business for decades. With its accounting and controlling system edtas and the archiving solution edarchiv, the company has two products which are appreciated in equal measure by filling station operators, filling station lessees and petroleum corporations. And as with all solutions, their user-friendliness, legal compliance and commercial benefit have been developed further consistently, and will continue to be so.

“We’re already deploying artificial intelligence components in our solutions”, reveals chairman Goldner. “While others are still talking about it, we began a long time ago with the implementation of AI technologies – though we have, as always, exercised caution and prudence in doing so.” With a background of 55 years’ experience, eurodata is continuing to expand its technological leadership. eurodata’s solutions will enable the company to stay in its position in the market in the future.