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Generous donation to church aid project in Venezuela

As in previous years, eurodata’s sporting employees have ‘run up’ a large sum of money again in the Solilauf. Now, the Saarbrücken software enterprise has presented the organisers of this charity event with a donation of EUR 3,000 for the aid project Venezuela.

The St. Ingbert association ‘Hilfsprojekt Venezuela – Jesus der Barmherzige e.V.’ (‘Venezuela Aid Project – Jesus the Merciful’) has existed since 2003. It was founded 20 years ago to help people who live in extreme poverty. On the one hand, the emphasis in the project is on providing support for a medical treatment station and a retirement home. But it also invests in the vocational qualification of people who live in the poor districts. One particular project close to the heart of the association is a football school, founded to help get girls and boys from the surrounding favelas off the street and keep them away from drugs and crime. With this donation, eurodata is making an important contribution to the continuation of these projects.

Having said that, eurodata’s participation in the Solilauf is more or less a matter of course these days. This year, eurodata’s OneTeam had 30 members, who competed both as a relay team and as individual runners. One thing for them to be particularly proud of is the second place they achieved in the relay at St. Ingbert’s Mühlwald Stadium.

For more information on the Solilauf and the church community’s fund-raising project: Solilauf St. Ingbert