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eurodata: Successful recertification

Successful renewal of stamp of quality EN ISO 9001 for cloud provider eurodata from Saarbrücken

Today, eurodata is proud to announce the seamless renewal of its ISO 9001 certification. That means that once again, the company has received confirmation from official auditors of the high quality of its processes, solutions, services in general, cloud services, and data centre.

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is the most widespread national and international standard in quality management. Companies that lay claim to these quality features guarantee their customers the very highest quality on the one hand, while benefiting from increased productivity on the other.

EN ISO 9001 defines the minimum requirements for a quality management (QM) system which an organisation should meet in order to be able to provide products and services which fulfil both customers’ expectations and statutory requirements. The standard also aims to provide the management of a company with a continuous incentive for improvement, encouraging it to improve its quality continuously and resolutely on its own initiative.

“As regards the ISO 9001 standard, we’ve been perfectly placed for a long time now. So we’re all the more pleased that the audit went smoothly this time too, and that all our solutions, processes, services and the data centre fulfil the compliance requirements”, says Dieter Leinen, chairman of eurodata AG.

The certificate for eurodata’s recertification was issued in April 2019. It covers ‘business management and sector-specific IT solutions, archiving systems, network solutions and data services, in particular services in the ASP environment and data centre operation’.