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eurodata gold sponsor of German Professional Association

User-friendliness plays an important role for the software provider eurodata based in Saarbrücken

The success factors in the great popularity and wide distribution of eurodata solutions include the great benefit they afford and the fact that they are simple to use. And these are the very aspects on which the German Professional Association for User Experience and Usability Professionals (UPA) spends such a lot of time and attention.

Since the beginning of this year, eurodata AG has been active as a sponsor of the German UPA. The software manufacturer from Saarbrücken thus emphasises the important status the user has in software development. Gerhard Wannemacher, head of the development department at eurodata, says: “Meanwhile we have a team of several UX designers, who occupy themselves exclusively with the needs of the end user. And as our applications are not used by IT specialists, but by commercial staff, agile, user-centred software development is the future we’re investing in.”

Encouraging young UX designers
In the context of its gold sponsorship, as from next year, eurodata will also be supporting the Winter School 2021 for the promotion of user-oriented developers, young adults and UX designers. That working group has been offering the Winter School since 2017. It is aimed at all those who have already completed their studies or education and are either planning their entry into professional life or in the first three years of it.

For the coming year, eurodata is planning to send its UX experts to speak at the Winterschool in Kloster Bronnbach. There, the specialists will share their practical experience with the young talents and embark on a regular exchange of knowledge with the Winterschool participants. Gerhard Wannemacher says: “Apart from that, speakers and participants alike can derive great benefit from taking a look behind the scenes of ongoing UX projects together.”

World Usability Day
Taking part in the so-called World Usability Day on 12 November 2020 is also part of eurodata’s sponsoring. Right across Germany on that day, there will be events covering all aspects of user-friendliness. Germany is thus following an international trend, with World Usability Day taking place on the second Thursday in November every two years. It was initiated in 2005 by the User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA).