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eurodata experience reports: from and for practical application

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Software provider from Saarbrücken provides downloadable reports from customers about scenarios in which solutions are actually used

The way a software or cloud solution works and the added value it contributes can be recognised most easily if they are experienced in actual deployment scenarios. In order to illustrate the advantages that can be gained by using the various eurodata solutions directly, as seen by the customer, eurodata is publishing regular experience reports about scenarios in which its solutions are used.

In the form of actual experience reports, eurodata gives customers and users a chance to have their say and describe how they use the eurodata software. Following a brief description of the situation at the outset and the challenges that needed to be overcome, there is a description of the introduction of the software and the changes it brought about. In their reports, these reference customers probably give away more than they ought to – both with regard to tips and tricks, and with regard to possible difficulties. The reports show in detail how the companies use the solutions, which functions are especially important to them, what effects are produced and how the strategic orientation of the company benefits from this.

Currently, there are experience reports from the hotel and catering industry, skilled crafts and trades, retail, media, logistics and the filling station and service area sectors. Primarily illustrated are cloud-based software solutions such as edtime (recording of time worked), edpep (personnel deployment planning) and edlohn (payroll accounting).

For all the user reports and customer references go to: