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eurodata data centre: double ISO certification

Cloud provider from Saarbrücken certified in accordance with ISO 22301 and ISO 9001:2015 – data security guaranteed

Having now received the certification of quality conferred by ISO 22301 and 9001:2015, the eurodata data centre is proving its commitment to quality yet again. The company is thus excellently prepared for the growing interest in eurodata cloud solutions and the increased demand for data security.

Business continuity guaranteed
Primarily, the ISO 22301 certificate covers aspects of business continuity management. This is a matter of minimising risks and defining precautionary procedures, so that in an emergency the necessary measures can be initiated quickly and reliably and the availability of the data guaranteed. “In order to be able to offer our customers a maximum of security, we operate our systems in two data centres of our own which are quite separate from each other in terms of their infrastructure. And the data are mirrored in an independent data centre too”, says Dieter Leinen, chairman of eurodata AG. Furthermore, the data centre and the structures required for its operation are reviewed on a regular basis. 

Update audit ISO 9001:2015
eurodata already has ISO 9001 certification. Appropriate adjustments have now been made to cater to the current version ISO 9001:2015. This standard ensures sustainable quality assurance and a continuous improvement process. The aims of ISO 9001 are the minimisation of risks, the implementation of compliance requirements and the optimisation of services. “As regards this ISO standard we have been extremely well set up for quite some time now, so all we had to do this time round was enhance one or two documentation aspects”, Dieter Leinen adds.