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eurodata celebrates its 50th anniversary

German engineering know-how, innovative ideas and a dedicated team have ensured our company’s success for decades

In 2015, eurodata is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The enterprise was founded in September 1965 as a company for data collection and data processing in the filling station sector. Today, 15 subsidiaries in 10 European countries are part of the eurodata group, whose portfolio spans services from web-based payroll accounting solution to high security data centre and Smart Services for data integration.

“We are proud of our history and happy to be able to develop our current solutions on this solid foundation”, says Uwe Richter, CEO, eurodata AG. The board and all employees especially value customer satisfaction and product sustainability. This self-conception is a tribute to founder Arthur Reiß, just as it is the mission statement for the future.

A hidden champion

Despite having more than 50,000 clients from a wide range of industries, the company has not made itself widely known so far. “We like to put our clients in focus, not ourselves”, explains Richter. Nevertheless, he is willing to make an exception for the hidden champion’s 50th anniversary. In addition to extensively celebrating with partners, clients and employees, eurodata currently launches new websites, new cloud solutions and special anniversary deals.

And there are many reasons to celebrate, as eurodata is a leader in many different market segments: edlohn is Germany’s number one online payroll accounting tool, edtas is leading in the filling station and mineral oil market, eurodata’s data centre with its exigent certifications has won several awards and the company itself is a long-term contributor to the development of topical standards in electronic invoicing (ZUGFeRD). Additionally, the eurodata group is a major player on the data integration market.

Innovative capacity and solid growth

A brief look back: In 1965, eurodata started as a data collection company that also offered billing and controlling solutions for the filling station business. Its offer was such a success that eurodata expanded to France (Forbach) and Austria (Vienna) shortly thereafter. In the 70s, the company created an encompassing solution for tax advisers and payroll offices based on the original billing software, and developed it further in the following years. From 1997, the entire software suite has been entirely redeveloped to match the requirements of the internet age – becoming the only original cloud solution for tax advisers on the German market.

At the end of the 90s, eurodata bought INFOSERVE GmbH, a company specialised on intelligent cloud and web services, which today manages eurodata’s certified high-security data centre. In parallel to eurodata’s own jubilee, INFOSERVE celebrates its own 20th anniversary. More than 10 years ago, eurodata invested in TTO GmbH and in the joint development of an innovative technology for implementing SaaS solutions for data integration and Smart Services.

“As soon as we have deployed our latest online solution for filling stations this autumn, we will be the leading German SaaS provider with over 50,000 clients”, announces board member Dieter Leinen. “What’s special about eurodata? We don’t just sell software, but we operate it for our clients in our own data centres, taking responsibility for their availability and for their security.” The group’s most recent addition, eurodata NOW!, will offer significant new advantages to eurodata clients.