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Archive solutions receive certificates for IDW PS 951 / 880

archiving solutions edarchiv and myedarchiv provide services at the very highest standard of quality

The eurodata solutions for archiving have successfully passed the audits IDW PS 951 and IDW PS 880. So they now have official confirmation that the systems meet the very highest standards.

As from now, customers and auditors can have recourse to the official audit reports. That makes the planning and implementation of company audits easier in the long term. There’s no need for the auditor to carry out an audit of his or her own, as recourse can be had to the respective IDW audit report. The employees involved in the audit are thus saved a good deal of time and effort. The officially acknowledged software certificate is confirmation that all the currently applicable legal criteria with regard to data security and compliance have been met. This voluntary fee-based audit is also a indication of the quality of the eurodata software as compared with that of uncertified software solutions from other providers.

The Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) publishes so-called IDW pronouncements on a regular basis. They help auditors to carry out their auditing work with the appropriate diligence and transparency. These IDW pronouncements also include the auditing standards IDW PS 951 and IDW PS 880.

The IDW PS 951 auditing standard includes an audit of the internal control system in a service enterprise for functions which have been outsourced to that enterprise. It confirms the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control system at the service enterprise.

The IDW PS 880 auditing standard serves to carry out a software audit in order to assess whether or not the software product, properly used, meets the currently applicable criteria of correctness.

Dr. Dirk Goldner, co-chairman of eurodata AG, says: “Cloud computing and outsourcing are playing a more and more important role in making processes smarter, faster and more up to date. In archiving, many companies have meanwhile gone over to storing their data with external service providers – where they’re secure, and accessible at any time. We’re pleased that with the certificates IDW PS 951 and IDW PS 880 there is now official confirmation of the fact that we offer our customers the best possible quality with our archiving solutions.”

The IDW certificate PS 951 applies to edarchiv / myedarchiv, housing, hosting and support.