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Virtual tour of the eurodata data centre

On the website, eurodata AG provides an interactive insight into its modern high-performance data centre

Customers and other interested parties can simply click their way through the individual areas of the data centre and find out how they work.

“The idea behind this virtual tour is to illustrate the complexity of a modern data centre and show what components are required, on the one hand to guarantee a maximum of data security at attractive prices, and on the other to give due consideration to environmental aspects such as energy consumption”, says Dieter Leinen, chairman of eurodata AG. In spite of this openness, he adds, the ‘interactive data centre’ does not provide any insights into security-critical areas.

On the virtual tour, aspects such as safety, fire protection, air conditioning, power supply and the network connection can be viewed. The ‘visitor’ not only learns how eurodata cools its servers and ensures effective fire protection, or how the data centre is connected to the Internet and protected. There are also various explanatory videos which show what the individual areas look like ‘in natura’ and how they function. So interested parties can obtain an optimum overview in just a short time and inform themselves about the solidity of the data centre and the eurodata cloud solutions that are operated there.

Virtual tour of data centre at: