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Hectronic provides cash registers with RKSV-compliant back-up

An automatic back-up is made of data from the POS facilities at Hectronic Austria in accordance with the most recent standards

Since the introduction of the Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV) in Austria, the back-up of data from cash registers has been proving a challenge for many businesses. Hectronic Austria has taken advantage of this legal requirement and equipped its POS facilities with an automatic back-up solution, so that no one needs to attend to data back-up.<

When the RKSV came into force in Austria three years ago, it sensitised all the companies that were working with POS facilities. In order to be able to provide an adequate solution, Hectronic Austria decided to equip its cash registers with a secure, innovative cloud solution for data back-up. The aim was to integrate an automatic back-up in the systems and offer customers individualised configuration options.<

Those responsible at Hectronic Austria were already familiar with the software provider eurodata, whose portfolio also includes a web-based solution for data back-up, from the filling station business. As that solution obviously met the requirements, the company integrated it in its cash register systems. “edbackup provides convenient functions with which the process can be monitored simply and automatically”, says Dr. Michael Ringhofer, managing director of Hectronic Austria, explaining the decision in favour of the eurodata solution. Since then, customers of Hectronic Austria have been benefiting from the automatic data back-up of all their POS data in a way that complies with the RKSV.<

Markus Huemer, managing director of eurodata Austria, adds: “The deployment of edbackup has given Hectronic customers carefree external data back-up, and that constitutes comprehensive insurance for their POS data”.<

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