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eurodata makes donation to storm victims

eurodata employee Matthias Kohl raises money for citizens affected by storm damage in Kleinblittersdorf with Kilimanjaro climb

At a small ceremony, Dieter Leinen, chairman of eurodata AG, handed over a cheque for 6,000 euros to Kleinblittersdorf mayor Stephan Strichertz. With the money, the Saarbrücken company aims to help all the citizens of Kleinblittersdorf who were affected by the storm disaster in June.

The donation originated in an agreement made between the management of eurodata and their employee Matthias Kohl in the summer: the company said it would be prepared to donate one euro to each citizen of Kleinblittersdorf damaged by the storm for each metre of altitude Kohl climbed on his ascent of Kilimanjaro (5,895 m), planned for the autumn of 2018. 

“The disaster was major news here last summer. In fact we gave the head of our product management, Peter Dausend, several days off. Dausend is chief of the voluntary fire brigade in Kleinblittersdorf. During the storm disaster in June he was responsible as head of operations on location, helping to protect people and repair damage day and night”, Dieter Leinen recalls. Kleinblittersdorf is just a few kilometres away from the headquarters of the IT company in Saarbrücken-Güdingen, so it was perfectly natural for the management and the employees to want to get involved. 

At a small ceremony, Kleinblittersdorf’s mayor Stephan Strichertz accepted the donation and once again expressed his sincere thanks to Peter Dausend and Matthias Kohl and the management of eurodata for raising the sum of 6,000 euros.