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eurodata loves sports

Joint sports activities strengthen the team spirit at eurodata

eurodata maintains its own amateur football team called eurokickers. The team will celebrate its 30th anniversary in July 2016. This anniversary is the hallmark of the sportsmanship being lived at the Saarbrücken-based software manufacturer and an incentive for new exciting activities.

“I am very proud that our employees are so athletic”, says Uwe Richter, eurodata AG’s CEO. “It is truly special that we, a medium-sized German software company, have the opportunity to celebrate our 50th business anniversary and at the same time can proudly look back at an amazing 30 years of football team history.”

To celebrate its hobby football players, eurodata invites everyone to attend the “traditional” match putting eurodata Germany against eurodata France. On Friday, 8 July 2016 at 5 pm, both teams will face each other at Sportplatz Gündingen, Großblittersdorfer Str. 323. Both eurodata employees and football fans are welcome to watch, cheer and – of course – to celebrate together after the match.

Besides its football amateurs, eurodata colleagues are also active in other sports, some, for example, are running at the charity race Solilauf Sankt Ingbert. The race is being organised by local parishes in collaboration with the aid organisation Malteser Hilfsdienst, the city of Sankt Ingbert and other charitable organisations, with donations going to charitable projects. eurodata staff have even crossed the Alps on mountain bikes for charity. The company’s MTB team hopes to be among the first three corporate teams at the Saarland Cup and one employee will start at this year’s Austrian Iron Man race.

The outstanding athletic commitment of the software manufacturer’s employees is mirrored in the above-average support they get from eurodata’s management: “If our employees spend so much time together outside of work and at sports, we not only recognise the huge health benefit, but also the enormous boon to our working atmosphere. We are very pleased about this and gladly support it.” says eurodata board member Dieter Leinen.

Management supports several sports activities in many ways, either financially as a sponsor or as a motivator, for example by providing jerseys, fan material, etc.