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eurodata is now a member of the federal initiative ‘Success Factor Family’

With its programme ‘Success Factor Family‘, the federal government is making efforts to improve the compatibility of family and profession. The aim is to increase the extent to which enterprises that distinguish themselves by their family-friendly work environment are familiar to the public at large. The initiative, moreover, assesses the aspect of family-friendliness as a strategic element in the acquisition of skilled workers and the safeguarding of Germany as a business location. Members of ‘Success Factor Family’ are presented as examples of success whose methods and concepts should encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

In the initiative, experience reports are made by family-friendly enterprises, practical examples publicised, studies conducted and guides provided on various subjects such as the configuration of work time, corporate culture, family-friendly personnel policy etc.

For more information on the ‘Success Factor Family’ go to Erfolgsfaktor Familie – Startseite (