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Elevating data processing in accountancy to a completely new level with AI

Titel Seite Luendonk Magazin Audit & Tax 2.0 Schöne neue Digitalisierungswelt

Chairmen of eurodata and ETL report in Lünendonk Magazine on the added values of digital processes

The new edition of the renowned Lünendonk Magazine, entitled ‘Audit & Tax 2.0. Brave new world of work’, has recently come out. The focus is on digital transformation, the potentials of innovative AI technology, and process automation in auditing and business consultancy.

As well as contributions from leading auditing firms, the current edition of Lünendonk Magazine contains an interview and a specialist article by  eurodata chairman Dr. Dirk Goldner and Christoph Tönsgerlemann, chairman of the board at the auditing firm ETL AG. The topic the two experts address is: ‘How AI is revolutionising data processing’.

The demands being made on auditors and business consultants are immense, and not just since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the majority of client projects are realised remotely, which makes it clear just how important digital transformation is for accounting, invoicing and auditing.

Looking at some actual examples, Dr. Goldner and Christoph Tönsgerlemann show what advantages can be achieved by the deployment of modern, AI-assisted solutions. There are descriptions of how machine learning and software engineering simplify the control of invoices and balance sheets, and how accountancy-aided ‘process mining’ helps to identify anomalies early on. Dr. Dirk Goldner says: “Those who succeed in automatising the majority of their manual accounting workflows don’t just free up time and space for other activities. They also improve the quality of the data, and that, in turn, is the basis on which the next level of maturity in digital transformation can be reached.”

Those who are interested can now download the digital edition of Lünendonk Magazine Audit & Tax 2.0. with the specialist article and the interview free on the eurodata website:

Luenendonk_Magazin_Audit-Tax-2.0-1.pdf (German edition)