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eurodata Group

The eurodata Group develops and markets inter-company SaaS solutions for the recording of time worked, the planning of personnel deployment, accounting and payroll accounting – including a digital personnel file and accounting and controlling systems, archive solutions and retail management systems. Software products for the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions, holistic smart service solutions that integrate business data, automatise processes and enable real-time reporting, and business intelligence, secure cloud solutions and intelligent web solutions round off the range.

The basis of all these solutions is our own high-performance data centre in Saarbrücken – one of the most secure and most modern in Europe (certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO 22301). This guarantees a secure cloud 'made in Germany'. The data are stored exclusively in Germany and are therefore governed by German law and German data protection provisions.

The eurodata Group has over 600 employees in Europe and offers its trend-setting solutions in several different sectors. eurodata AG, founded in 1965, has its headquarters in Saarbrücken.

eurodata AG

eurodata develops innovative SaaS solutions for tax advisors, small and medium-sized businesses and retail solutions and operates them at its own (ISO-27001 and ISO 22301)-certified data centre in Saarbrücken. Holistic smart service solutions which integrate business data, automatise processes and enable real-time reporting, and business intelligence, secure cloud and intelligent web solutions round off the range.


Started in 1995 as an IT service provider for Saarland, INFOSERVE has developed to become an innovative transregional IT systems company for secure cloud and intelligent web services. We see ourselves as a competent IT consulting and solutions specialist with the core competences IT security, virtualisation and web. The heart of our solutions is the INFOSERVE high-performance data centre, located in Germany. Building on that, with our technology partners and our know-how, we realise individual IT projects and services for small to medium-sized businesses in many different sectors.

compacer GmbH
compacer is among most important IT service providers and software providers for reliable and format-independent data interchange between IT systems, machines and devices. compacer supports businesses in the automation and digitalisation of their processes, and ensures that their IT structure continues to develop in an innovative and futuristic way. Smart services solutions 'made in Germany' are used in the areas of EDI, e-invoicing, retrofitting, predictive maintenance and Blockchain. compacer optimises the value chain via the establishment and expansion of secure ecosystems. compacer helps to become more interconnected, more agile and more efficient. The company has many years of sustainable national and international expertise in data integration and process optimisation.

eurodata ProPep GmbH

eurodata ProPep GmbH develops cloud-based software solutions for the recording of time worked and the planning of personnel deployment. These interactive solutions for shift, personnel and task management simplify the fundamental processes of time recording and personnel planning. Thanks to the high degree of automatisation of standard procedures, solutions from ProPep, which can be used via any browser and via mobile apps, have been shown to save time and reduce susceptibility to errors.

eurodata comesio GmbH

comesio is an IT enterprise with Austrian roots which has also proved successful beyond the national borders. Founded in 2011 as a specialist and implementation partner for IBM Cognos BI and IBM Cognos TM1, it has since followed the motto 'Empowering Business Intelligence', successfully accompanying customers from all sectors in their projects – from the idea, via realisation and implementation, all the way through to training and handover.


compacer s.r.o.

compacer CZ s.r.o. is a subsidiary of the German compacer GmbH (formerly eurodata tec GmbH and TTO GmbH). It develops tailor-made software solutions and provides consultancy services for the field of 'Industry 4.0' and 'Smart Services' throughout Europe with the focus on data integration and process optimisation.


compacer GmbH has its registered office in Gärtringen near Stuttgart (Black Forest), whilst the Czech company compacer CZ s.r.o. is at home in Prague and Ostrava.

compacer Nederland

compacer Nederland is an IT specialist which has acquired comprehensive know-how in the area of EDI implementation on several platforms and in many sectors and VANs. The company takes care of system integration for all markets and stands out from the crowd with its pragmatic and reliable solutions.


In the core competence of compacer Nederland there is one aspect that occupies centre stage: the digital interchange of commercial documents via data transmission standards such as Edifact, ANSI-X12 and XML.

eurodata GmbH

eurodata GmbH, founded in Vienna in 1972, develops software solutions for the efficient compilation of financial accounts, business management analyses, business analyses and other controlling tools for the filling-station market and franchise systems.


Some 1000 partners of reputable petroleum companies and franchise systems are among its customers. In addition to that, eurodata Österreich provides secure on-line back-up and archive solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and solutions for the optimisation of bookkeeping at tax advisor's offices.

eurodata SAS

The eurodata subsidiary Eurodata SAS develops and markets the software suite edrms (Retail Management Suite).

 edrms covers the whole range of business processes of professional commercial organisations – from management of a single location or complex branch network all the way up to internationally active retail solutions.

 Eurodata SAS has two subsidiaries, one in Luxembourg for the Benelux market and one in Barcelona for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Further locations of the eurodata-Group

eurodata Benelux
29 Rue de Kehlen
8264 Mamer

Tel: +352 51 51 09
Fax: +352 26 51 36 31

eurodata GmbH
Údolní 33
CZ-602 00 Brno

Tel:+420 515 903 420

eurodata Oil Stations Accounting S.R.L.
Green Gate Offices
Romania, 050883 Bucharest
22 Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd.
5th floor, Unit 1, 5th district

Tel: +40 21 407 49 64
Fax: +40 21 313 88 57

eurodata España S. L.
Centre d´Empreses de Noves Technologies
Parc Technològic des Vallés
E-08290 Cerdanyola-Barcelona

Tel: +34 935 824 592
Fax: +34 935 824 489

eurodata UK Ltd
Vicarage House
58-60 Kensington Church Street
London, W8 4DB

Tel: 44 (0) 20 7368 3403
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7937 3400