Software development and high performance data centre at Saarbrücken


Innovative cloud and web services and the efficient security infrastructure of our own, ISO 27001and ISO 22301-certified high performance data centre at Saarbrücken (Germany) provide you with a secure "Cloud Made in Germany".

eurodata's data centre offers utmost availability and data security

By using eurodata's solutions, you can accelerate processes, significantly reduce costs, save time and therefore augment your competitiveness. The data centre's services scale to the most diverse needs and perfectly adapt to changing requirement profiles.

Good to know: Be reassured that your data are not stored in some unknown corner of the world, but close to home and redundantly.

Benefit from the unique know-how of one of the leading SaaS providers for tax advisers and small and medium-sized enterprises – and from our expert solutions for controlling inter-company processes.

Cloud services – Made in Germany:

Our ISO 27001 and ISO 22301-certified eurodata data centre at Saarbrücken provides you with a secure "Cloud Made in Germany". Your data will be stored only in Germany, benefiting from strict German law and severe data protection regulations. Of course, this also means that all of our employees are contractually bound to ensure solid privacy and data protection.

eurodata additionally is committed to the initiative "Cloud Services Made in Germany" and fulfils all of its criteria with respect to improving legal certainty when using cloud solutions.


As you can see, we maintain a Cloud Made in Germany that offers security on all levels.

High Performance and High Availability Data Centre:

At eurodata's data centre, your data will be stored safely and professionally (certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 22301). We ensure this level of security with:

  • long-standing expertise
  • state of the art technology
  • personal 24/7 support

Our efficient infrastructure provides a secure home for your data and applications:

  • Video surveillance, physical access control, redundant power supply, top-notch firewall and intrusion prevention/detection technologies and proactive monitoring by our security experts are only part of our strategy for assuring high reliability and protecting your data from all kinds of attacks.

This means:

We provide 24/7 security and can be reached promptly and personally for any questions.

Green IT:

Besides external and internal security and the reliability of essential parameters such as power supply and network connectivity, the idea of operating a full-fledged data centre in a way that is both economic and climate-friendly has become another key business interest.

To promote energy efficiency, the air conditioning of our "green" data centre was planned with the aim to reuse waste heat for building heating, right from the start.

This ecological energy management was distinguished with the "Green House Number" for environmental awareness in the category Innovative Building Technology by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Transportation of the Saarland (Germany).