edlohn – the payroll accounting solution with integrated service, time recording and personnel management options

This solution is only available in German!

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Professional on-line payroll accounting with edlohn

edlohn provides user-friendly payroll accounting as a cloud solution which does without elaborate infrastructure on the user’s premises. A high degree of professionalism, and the possibility of handling special payroll cases efficiently and reliably thanks to the wide range of functions, have made edlohn the leading cloud solution with more than 4.6 million accounts rendered per year.

Apart from that, edlohn features quite a few extras: with the integrated eLohnakte (electronic payroll dossier), for example, you can simply organise your employees’ records digitally. So not only payroll-related documents such as employment contracts, but also social security cards and notifications of illness are available on line at all times.

Benefit from numerous advantages

  • certified in accordance with the Ordinance on the Gathering and Transmission of Data for Institutions of Social Security (DEÜV) and the Information Technology Service Agency of Statutory Health Insurance (ITSG); permanent quality control organised by the umbrella organisation for statutory health insurance (GKV)
  • interfaces – e.g. for Elster and Dakota too – are made available by eurodata – so you don’t need a certificate of your own
  • continual maintenance of new amendments in wage tax and social security law – no action required on the part of the user
  • participation in the ELStAM procedure
  • time-saving thanks to 180 standard preset wage types
  • peace of mind thanks to automatic estimate of contributions for the next month

Standing out from the crowd...Our extras for you!

  • competent, free service hotline
  • assistance with data transfer from the current payroll accounting system
  • modern look, easy to operate
  • fair pay-as-you-use concept
  • integrated eLohnakte (electronic payroll dossier) for the perfect digital organisation of all your employee records
  • eMitarbeiter: on-line access for employees to all documents relating to wage and salary accounting
  • connected work functions, e.g. via recording of time worked with edtime, edpep for personnel deployment planning, on-line wage accounting for employees, integrated eLohnakte connected work functions, starting with the employee via recording of time with edtime, going further with the entrepreneur via edpep for personell scheduling up to cloudbased payroll accounting with included eLohnakte – if asked for in combination of services by a professional payroll accountant and a corporation portal for secure communication and data exchange


edlohn – a component of the eurodata wage calculation suite

Around edlohn, software solutions such as edtime for the recording of time worked and edpep for personnel deployment planning round off our holistic HR solution. Without any media discontinuity, data which have already been gathered are made available for payroll accounting. The data streams are integrated automatically. Reports generated on the system side ensure that the work functions really are connected and communication is „clean“.

Tailor-made service packages

  • simply choose one of our flexible packages and start from just 2.50 euros per month
  • payroll package M – do it yourself: secure payroll accounting as your own in-house performance
  • payroll package L – make a contribution: economical part-service including consulting
  • payroll package XL – have it all done for you: competent full service including expert advice

Das Paket beinhaltet:

  • edlohn

Das Paket beinhaltet:

  • edlohn
  • eLohnakte
  • eMitarbeiter

Das Paket beinhaltet:

  • edlohn
  • eLohnakte
  • eMitarbeiter
  • edtime*

*Es ist jederzeit ein Upgrade von edtime auf edpep möglich, wenn Sie zusätzlich zur Arbeitszeiterfassung auch Personaleinsatzplanung machen möchten.

Je nach Vereinbarung mit Ihrem edlohn Dienstleister, Steuerberater oder Lohnabrechnungsbüro, erhalten Sie:

  • Lohnabrechnungs-
  • Für Sie gepflegte eLohnakte
  • Für Sie bereitgestellte eMitarbeiter Zugänge
  • edtime*
  • edcloud

What our customers have to say:


  • +49 681 88 08 - 234 (from 8.00 to 17.00 hours)


This solution is only available in German!