Secure on-line archiving with edarchiv

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The convenient solution for the legally compliant archiving of company data


eurodata provides solutions for the secure archiving of all your supporting documents, records, files and dossiers, including lightning-fast full-text search and retrieval and integrated web application. The archiving process takes into account the whole life cycle of electronic documents. In other words a complete document management process is initiated: from creation and filing, via editing and search and retrieval, all the way through to delivery and long-term archiving - and of course it all conforms to the GoBD (basic principles of the correct and proper-keeping and preservation of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access).

Archiving with edarchiv


edarchiv is a very convenient all-round solution for the archiving of invoices and other documents, for example via e-mail. Addresses are created for archive files, and business partners and suppliers can e-mail their electronic documents to those addresses. This way, the documents are archived automatically and in such a way as to be audit-compliant.

via e-mail

Have invoices and other documents sent direct to your archive by e-mail - paper-free, time-saving and perfectly structured.


Costs are only incurred when the data are actually delivered. Subsequent archiving is inclusive. So you can make long-term calculations without any worries.


The advantages you get from the cloud solution are that it's available anywhere, no work or costs are required for maintenance, no investment costs for hardware and a browser is all you need.


We guarantee security! At eurodata, your data are stored at our high-performance datacentre in Saarbrücken, certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001.


Our products are designed to make you feel at ease: totally modern look, simple to use, and designed to make your processes easier.


Our experience counts: since 1965, eurodata has been looking after customers with highly sensitive data. We have earned the trust our customers put in us!


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