Our customers include small and medium-sized businesses, tax advisors and retail solutions.

Close collaboration with our customers results in successful relationships that last for many years.

So it is that today more than 80,000 customers put their trust in eurodata's high-performance data centres, a secure cloud 'made in Germany', with professional, thoroughly modern digitalisation and business analytics solutions for decentralised ecosystems and professional web services, as well as our cloud-based software solutions and IT services with commercial applications for personnel management and finance, and company management.

Learn more about how customers use our solutions and products to bring about noticeable improvements in their profitability and competitive strength.

Customer Testimonials for the eurodata-Group


Logo Sylt Air

"Some of our employees are out a lot, whilst others work here at the base, either temporary or part-time. So our requirements in terms of clear and flexible planning and the way working hours are recorded are not exactly trivial. edpep meets them all and has ensured a very high degree of acceptance among the employees with its integrated app."
(translated from the original German)


Sylt-Air-GmbH, Stephan Stritter CEO und pilot

Universal-Job GmbH & Co. KG Logo

"For us edlohn is an efficient, excellent partner for our wage accounting. Fast and qualified support, combined with a high degree of availability, rounds off the first-class impression we have."
(translated from the original German)


Rainer Herhaus, Universal-Job GmbH & Co. KG, Herne

Shell Logo
RW Personalleasing GmbH Logo

"Wage accounting for work done by our employees at changing locations got too expensive and complex for us. The web solution edlohn has enabled us to have the complete wage accounting process carried out as a full service, abiding by the various different tariffs. All the registration obligations - e.g. for social security and the Tax Office, get dealt with without any complications. We can reach our designated contact at any time, even on Sundays. Since we went over to doing our wage accounting via eurodata, we haven't missed a single registration deadline, and everything just runs reliably. So we have no hesitation at all in recommending the full wage service via eurodata".
(translated from the original German)


Jean Pierre Freisinger, managing director, RW Personalleasing, Saarbrücken

Westfalen AG Logo
Logo ElbTalTeam

" For us, the ElbTalTeam - the specialist provider for catering staff in Dresden, Magdeburg and Hamburg, edlohn is second to none. Efficiency and quality were prerequisites for wage accounting to enable us to the wide range of statutory regulations. edlohn does this reliably and competently. It's fun – and a pleasure – to work with this programme".
(translated from the original German)



ElbTalTeam – Paul Engel

eni Logo
Bild Logo

„It's important to use professionally run data centres with firewalls and back-up solutions. We ourselves us the data centre for eurodata AG in Saarbrücken, which fulfils the very highest security standards, and above all keeps the data inside German borders. The security precautions taken by professional cloud providers are always higher than those taken in the entrepreneurs' own offices." (translated from the original German)


Marc Müller, executive director,


"edtime gives me peace of mind as regards customs duties and the minimum wage. But above all, it gives me constant real-time control of the work done in the local markets, and that is a great advantage." (translated from the original German)


Corinna Haizmann, BONUS gGmbH, personnel department

Citroen Logo
ETL Logo

„Tax adviser, small business, midsize company or group - they all benefit from eurodata's intelligent and secure IT solutions, which are up among the market leaders in various different segments." (translated from the orginal German)

Franz-Josef Wernze, executive director, ETL

BP Logo
Peter Letter, master painter, Saarbrücken

"What is it about edtime that fills me with such enthusiasm? Top performance, in support too, easy to use and absolutely reliable. With edtime, as a certified master enterprise, I can offer my employees on-line time and motion recording at a really reasonable price. Top value for money! This is a programme I simply have to recommend." (translated from the original German)

Peter Letter, master painter, Saarbrücken

Schaubäckerei Ullrich, Dresdner Stollen Shop, Inhaber Ralf Ullrich

"Even in the test phase with edtime, I'm already delighted with the service eurodata offers. In practical terms, the telephone support I got from the lady who provided system advice was simply confirmation of the fact that I'd done everything right. The on-line assistance is really well set up, and it took me where I needed to get to step by step." (translated from the original German)

Artisanal bakery Ullrich, Dresden Stollen shop, proprietor Ralf Ullrich

Mundorf Tank Günter Dederichs OHG

Digitalisation is revolutionising our everyday life – freeing our minds. All we need now is the courage to break with old habits and tread new paths." These digital options give us security and help take the burden off us.
(translated from the original German)


Timo Dederichs, filling station operator Mundorf Tank Günter Dederichs OHG

Text Klusmeyers Tankshop GmbH

"We've been using edtime since 2016. In those five years there were no fewer than three customs inspections in store for us, but we 'passed' them at once without having to invest much time or effort at all. All the documents were available in edtime at a click of the mouse. The customs people were happy – and so were we. Things can be that easy."
(translated from the original German)


 Juliane Könemann, Tankstellenhändlerin, Fritz Klußmeyer’s Tankshop GmbH, Stolzenau und Marklohe

Hectronic Logo

„Among the things that convinced us about edbackup were the good reputation eurodata has in the filling station sector and the high-performance data centre in Vienna at which the data are hosted.“ 

(translated from the original German)

Dr. Michael Ringhofer, managing director, Hectronic Austria, Pucking

RPV Logistik GmbH Logo

edlohn brings noticeable added value: the high degree of automation makes our work far easier, particularly in reporting, and because we can now create new wage types ourselves without involving the IT department, we save money into the bargain.“  (translated from the original German)

Ewa Haake, Leiterin Zentrale Entgeltabrechnung RPV Logistik, Saarbrücken

Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe Logo

“It is the holistic nature of eurodata's solutions that has convinced us. They offer complete integration of work time recording, personnel deployment planning and payroll accounting; they prevent media discontinuity; and they reduce errors.” (translated from the original German)


Stefan Frankfurth, managing director Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe, Bad Emstal

Logo HEIDE Bauelemente Fenster & Türen

"When the customs inspectors come to a building site and see our mobile edpep system for the recording of time worked, all the other questions they might have had just become unnecessary. Our employees can simply go straight back to work." (translated from the original German)


Tim Schepler, managing director, Heide Bauelemente GmbH, Flensburg


Aral Logo
Logo Grünzinger

"My teams quickly learned how to handle personnel and shift planning via edpep. The resulting time savings are tremendous. We see edpep as an intelligent companion which recognises errors before they get entered in the system and thus makes life easier for us. In addition to that, the interchange of data between edpep and our tax advisor's edlohn wage system is really practical." (translated from the original German)


Martin F. Grünzinger, operator of several filling stations

Automaten Geier Logo

At the beginning of 2015 we shifted our wage and salary accounting to edlohn. Now we render the wage accounts ourselves. Although we were already tied to another system, we decided to change to edlohn because it was easy to use, and also because of the convenient functions it has. Another thing we have come to appreciate very much is that we don't have to bother with all those electronic reporting obligations. The specialists in the eurodata data centre look after that for us. That saves us a great deal of time and makes it easy on our nerves. If we have any queries about the system, we get competent support very fast on the free hotline." (translated from the original German)


Monika Geier, Automaten Geier GmbH, Werdohl

Peugeot Logo
Fegime Logo

"Getting the right information to the right people is crucial!...time savings of 70% in the administration of all our EDI processes thanks to monitoring" (translated from the original German)


Klaus Schnaible, head of IT and holder of general commerical power of attorney, FEGIME Deutschland GmbH

OMV Logo
Logo Star Tankstelle

„20 employees at 3 stations - but coordinating them is easy now. No more timesheets, a good overall view and far fewer issues that need to be discussed and agreed beforehand. I don't have to spend ages calculating monthly statements any more; I can get all the figures I need with just two clicks. The edpep system with its app for the employees is a bonus for us all.“ (translated from the original German)

Olaf Heinrich, Star filling station, Glückstadt

Logo Rapunzel Kinderrhaus e.V.

"As a very satisfied customer of Filosof Software GmbH over many years, we took a conscious decision in favour of the follow-up solution 'Scopevisio Lohn & Gehalt', the cloud-based payroll accounting system by Scopevisio AG as a provider of ERP software.

Cooperation with eurodata AG, the developer and operator of this accounting software, was excellently coordinated. From specialist marketing right through to eurodata's competence in system consulting, we were 'met and picked up' so well in a thoroughly rehearsed yet personal onboarding procedure that the first wave of accounting, covering more than 500 employees, went absolutely smoothly. So the decision we took was just spot on".
(translated from the original German)


Rapunzel Kinderhaus e. V., Kerpen, Désirée Eichhorn


Bild Logo Autohof Schneider

„With all its functions, personnel deployment planning with edpep is a very practical solution for our sector. eurodata's experience in the filling-stations business is clearly recognisable - as far as our requirements go I don't know of anything that can really be compared with it.“ (translated from the original German)

Karl-Heinz Schneider, proprietor, Shell Autohof Herbolzheim

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