eurodata AG’s data center satisfies highest security standards

25 November 2014 - Corporate News

Successful ISO 27001 certification

The technical inspection association TÜV Hessen has audited eurodata’s information security management system and awarded the leading international quality certificate ISO 27001. The certificate confirms complete physical security of the data centre building, including electronic access control, information security management and document control in operating business and the operation of fail-safe and optimally protected systems.

According to the annual cybercrime report by German Telekom, nine out of ten German organisations were under attack from the outside. To prove that data are optimally protected in our data centre, eurodata AG has now acquired ISO 27001 certification.

Attackers don't stand a chance

The auditors could verify that all documented measures for information security and quality management were properly applied and put into practice on all levels. They certified that eurodata AG maintains the highest security standards; physical access control and organisational, operational and data management got us top marks. Additionally, the independent TÜV Hessen inspectors confirmed that eurodata maintained established security standards for risk management.

The ISO 27001 certification establishes IT security measures essential to long-term optimisation of systems security and systems quality. This means that eurodata AG can guarantee its clients to offer the highest security level for the operation of its cloud services. The complete implementation of the standard will be verified by yearly monitoring audits and one re-certification audit every three years.

A future-proof data centre

“We are happy to know that our information security management stands up to the challenging requirements of an ISO 27001 certification. The quality mark proves that we can provide our customers with maximum information security”, eurodata CEO Dieter Leinen was pleased to say. “In our digital age, where highly sensitive data are being exchanged internally and externally, we need to take the utmost care to assure the security of our information management. For us, the operators of a high security data centre, these top requirements are a matter of course.”


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