Smart Services: new solutions for claims and process management

22 December 2014 - Smart Services
Schadensmangement - Smart Services

eurodata’s cross-company process automation tool optimises complex workflows

eurodata proudly presents its new Smart Service solution for claims and process management. The cross-system tool standardises processes in malfunction or claims management and optimises processing times while reducing workload for employees and contractual partners.

eurodata Smart Services are a browser-based tool for managing malfunctions and claims in one unified way. The solution helps you to standardise the necessary steps and to minimize the administrative overhead. All processes will be clearly visualised, which creates process transparency for all interested parties. An integrated ticketing system always provides a full overview over the current status and allows to continually evaluate malfunctions or damage claims. The system also simplifies the integration of external partners, such as insurance companies or experts, and significantly reduces administrative burdens. Additionally, the software solution offers revision-proof data archival at eurodata’s own data centre.

Controlling and supervising malfunctions, maintenance cycles or damage claims often is a significant personnel and cost factor. During the management of individual claims, there is often no time to acquire data for subsequent evaluation, and manually archiving all documents relevant to each case is often too tedious or time-consuming. Initial reporting of failures or damages via phone or in paper form is also very error-prone.

The example of damage claims management at filling stations illustrates this very well: Every second filling station in Germany suffers one so-called impact damage once per year, in most cases resulting in significant damages. Identifying the person responsible for the accident and the amount of repairs necessary, as well as the assertion, management and settlement of claims are very time-consuming and costly for the station leaseholder as well as for all third parties involved. By using eurodata Smart Services, the necessary steps and processes can be significantly simplified for all involved parties while the concerned mineral oil companies can benefit hugely from centralising claims management data. Please find more information on Smart Services for claims management at  (in German).


eurodata Smart Services not only can be used for claims or malfunction management, but also for general business process automation, for example when synchronising goods and information flows in chain store networks of trade verticals.

This will be elucidated in a collaborative study by eurodata AG and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) on “Smart Services and Reference Process Models – A Theoretical Approach and Case Study on Claims Management”.

Please find more information on process automation for claims and malfunction management and on the case study at: