Whether working from home or in the office – connected solutions make it easier to work together

14 May 2021
young man in his homeoffice in front of a screen with smartphone

Nine to five has simply gone out of fashion – and not just since Corona. For a long while now, new work models that offer employees a maximum of flexibility have been gaining acceptance. Originally, the aim of that was to create the right conditions for a good work-life balance. But meanwhile companies are being encouraged to arrange for their employees – as much as possible – to work from home, in order to help get a grip on the pandemic. So technologies and structures which also enable companies and their employees to work together successfully when they are physically quite a long way apart have been becoming all the more important – and that includes eurodata's cloud-based solutions. 

According to a current Bitkom study, three out of four German enterprises now invest more money in digitalisation because of Corona; overall, their decision-makers have become more open-minded as regards change. And connected work plays a centre-stage role here too.

Among the publications that provide details of the way German enterprises are coping with this hybrid work situation is the Bitkom study Trendstudie Digitalisierung 2020 – Deutschland lernt KI ('Trend Study Digitalisation 2020 – Germany learns AI').

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