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If you’re interested in getting an introduction to the world of work parallel to your studies, you’re spot on with us. Why? Because anyone who applies for the eurodata scholarship gets not only monthly financial support, but also the opportunity to continue his or her education by means of practical training and workshops. What’s more, you benefit from some early experience in the professional environment and can more easily assess which field of work you’d like to go for in the future. Interested? In that case, download the current advertisement and send your application to StudienStiftungSaar. We’re already looking forward to meeting you.


Benefit from financial support, familiarise yourself with some possible occupational profiles and take some initial steps into the world of work. eurodata will be right behind you all the time.

Conditions of participation

If you’re studying computer science or marketing at Saarland University or the Saarland College of Technology and Economics (HTW), if your grades are more than satisfactory, and if you’re keen to add some practical knowledge to your theoretical understanding, feel free to apply.


At eurodata you’ll find out how the digital transformation is taking place in the economy. The operation of mobile apps, sector-specific cloud services, modern Industry 4.0 solutions and much more are all part of everyday life here.

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"They always say that the STEM subjects are where the future lies. As a doctor of physics I know what I'm talking about, and I support eurodata's commitment at the StudienStiftungSaar with all my heart. I'm glad about the fact that by awarding scholarships in both computer science and product marketing, we're making an important contribution to education. With these scholarships, we sponsor young talent on the one hand, but we also take advantage of the contact with the students to pick out talented young individuals early on and get to know them. As an established, economically successful software enterprise, we're always happy when young, well motivated, talented people come and join us, enriching our team with the impulses they provide. To find these talents it is sometimes also necessary to tread new paths, and that is exactly what we are doing together with the StudienStiftungSaar. So what are you waiting for? We look forward to receiving your application!"



Dr. Dirk Goldner, Board of Management, eurodata AG

Schubertstraße 4
66111 Saarbrücken
Tel.: 0681 / 938 376 20