EDI - electronic data interchange


No matter whether it's within one's own organisation or in business relations with customers, suppliers or service providers: decisive for corporate success in our globalised world is the secure, reliable and rapid transfer and interchange of information, documents and data. Here, the deployment of an EDI system is crucial to improve the quality and the transparency of data, achieve greater speed of transmission, increase the security of business processes and thus reduce costs.


Everywhere in companies in which a large number of documents need to be interchanged on a daily basis, there is a necessity to digitalise, automatise and optimise. Various different kinds of supporting document are transmitted, and they do not always conform to the same uniform standards, for example invoices, delivery notes and payment information. In addition to that, the interchange of data and documents is very costly and time-consuming, not only within a company, but also with dealers and suppliers. And if transactions are processed manually, meaning that there is insufficient transparency in the business processes, that can be a major source of error.


Our EDI service modules are solutions for the automatic interchange, integration and management of electronic data. They can be deployed in all the divisions of a company and all sectors, and for applications of all kinds. So we see ourselves as your expert for day-to-day operations and special projects, and assist you in the development of your EDI business.


As a system-independent service provider, we concentrate on all the services that help you to cope with your B2B / EAI / EDI and data interchange requirements. These include

B2B EDI network

B2B EDI network: eurodata enables you to carry on a reliable and automated interchange of data and documents with your customers, suppliers, service providers and banks via our B2B EDI network – independent of system and format. We manage and monitor your data traffic and keep you informed with our alerting services. So this way, you're perfectly interconnected along the whole value added chain.

data interchange

Data interchange: we take care of the workflow-based transmission of your data to the right addressee at the right time. We ensure that the data integrity is subjected to a syntactical or semantic check, the data interchange monitored, and the data transfer duly resumed if it has been terminated. Certified transmission protocols and datacentre services in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 guarantee the necessary security.


Conversion: our conversion service offers you mappings of many different kinds of data format: individual formats, ERP interfaces and other contents. In this way, we ensure smooth interchange and transfer between your systems and those of your business partners.

What makes us so special:

  • we offer everything from a single source - because we're consultants, system-independent service provider and operator. Exploit this advantage for yourself!
  • we have many years of experience in the implementation of standards and non-standards.
  • we work together with you to develop your EDI business further.

With its e-business platform, the eurodata subsdiary TTO GmbH provides mature, progressive B2B standard solutions, B2B non-standard solutions and customised smart services for the supplier /partner relationships in the supply chain: EDI, managed file transfer, supply chain visibility monitoring, e-invoicing and archiving – fast, reliable und flexibel.
Some 500 companies - from small and medium sized businesses to companies listed on the DAX - appreciate TTO GmbH as a partner for the holistic management of their B2B solutions.

For further information go to www.edi-management.de