E-Invoicing – electronic invoice processing and exchange


Day in, day out, a large number of documents in the form of letters, faxes, e-mails and files are received in companies. A prerequisite for the satisfaction of customers, business partners and suppliers is efficiency: the fast and error-free processing of these documents while complying with statutory or contractual obligations – particularly when it's a matter of processing electronic invoices.


Companies have to deal often with many unanswered questions in regards of digital invoice data processing and the choice of the most suitable approach. That is confirmed by the results of a study carried out by ibi research, according to which 69% of all the electronic invoices received in Germany are still printed out. A similar number is applicable elsewhere in the world. Yet by digitalising their invoice processing procedures, companies could save a lot of money and achieve noticeable improvements in their efficiency. The combination of process excellence in B2B document exchange as well as meeting compliance regulations for archiving at the same time is a challenge for both national and international businesses.


For companies which are operating on domestic and international markets, eurodata, as a system-independent service provider, offers a central platform services with combinable service modules which give support in the digital processing of invoices and other billing data.
Cooperating with the auditor group at ETL, eurodata offers an all-round solution for the legally and fiscally compliant implementation of invoice data processing, whilst also ensuring compliance with and certification and auditing in line with country-specific regulations.


The solution includes various aspects from consulting to the operating on a WEB based platform for business process document exchange services, and they can be deployed in any sector. eurodata offers its support here as a consultant, system-independent service provider and operator, and assists in internal and external exchange via audit-compliant archiving, all the way through to the certification, auditing and periodic review of invoice processes.

What makes us so special:

  • we offer everything from a single source - exploit this advantage for yourself:
    • advice on country-specific and fiscal requirements
    • automated interchange of invoices including verification and partnership dialogue
    • certification of processes and procedural descriptions
    • cyclical review of invoicing processes
  • we have many years of experience in the implementation of standards and non-standards.
  • we work together with you to develop your e-invoicing business further.

We're ZUGFeRD experts too:

ZUGFeRD (a German acronym standing for Central User Guide Forum for Electronic Invoicing in Germany) is the easy way to interchange invoices electronically:

  • send or receive electronic invoices in ZUGFeRD format (uniform file format for electronic invoices).
  • benefit from the possibility of sending and receiving the invoice simultaneously in PDF or XML.
  • you yourself decide which form is the most suitable for you.

With our ZUGFeRD service you can draw up and edit invoices and send them direct to the adressee as a PDF file with integrated invoice information. No matter whether it's a standard format like SAP IDoc or UN-EDIFACT , or an individual file format  - you simply send us your invoice by e-mail - and we do the rest.

  • simple and legally compliant
  • for all versions of ZUGFeRD: BASIC, COMFORT und EXTENDED
  • for all invoices, whether outgoing or incoming

With its e-business platform, the eurodata subsidiary TTO GmbH provides mature, progressive B2B standard solutions, B2B non-standard solutions and customised smart services for the supplier / partner relationships in the supply chain: EDI, managed file transfer, supply chain visibility monitoring, e-invoicing and archiving – fast, reliable and flexible.

Some 500 companies – from small and medium-sized businesses to companies listed on the DAX – appreciate TTO GmbH as a partner for the holistic management of their B2B solutions.