Connected e-commerce: integration of retail, suppliers and customers


In a world of product differentiation, pricing pressure and global market opportunities, many companies keep on expanding their business relationships so as to be able to demonstrate the necessary flexibility and diversity to their customers. A competitive network for digital business models such as is required in the field of Industry 4.0,
consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors or partners, creates the foundation for this. The respective data must be cleanly integrated and able to be interchanged flexibly at any time. The complete electronic handling of business processes (e-commerce) is especially worthwhile when setting up and expanding on-line channels. When we talk about e-commerce integration as a solution, we mean business partner connections with all the necessary product or service information provided to on-line shops, retail platforms or other sales portals.

A broadly or globally established distribution company requires its distributor and supplier network to be digitally integrated as a basis for the successful handling of sales orders. Among other things, the task consists in reducing process costs, because each connection or change in (product) data involves an enormous amount of work (and time). Apart from that, the processing speed needs to be increased in the handling of orders, logistics, invoices and payments, so that the company's competitive strength can be maintained. Because of increasing customer and partner requirements or growth, the previous infrastructure is no longer in a position to depict this.

The eurodata smart service solution e-commerce integration features a high-performance data integration system that connects up all those involved along the value chain. All the business data with their different formats and origins come together and can be simplified and validated via a meta-level. In this way, by further automation of the connections, business processes and data quality can be improved with lasting effect. The solution supports the visualisation of the respective connection and business processes and ensures clarity and stability, for example in internal procedures (A2A) or data interchange with business partners.


The eurodata smart service solution can be deployed with edbic in numerous divisions of a company, between companies, and in the context of Industry 4.0 concepts: implemented as managed services via the e-business platform, or as secure cloud services at eurodata’s own high-performance data centre in Saarbrücken (certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001), or on the premises, as an implementation on technical customer infrastructures or their hosting providers.

What makes this solution so special? A unique feature of the solution is the tried and tested concept for the automatic connection of further business partners, elaborated by the eurodata experts together with the customer and implemented with the solution. Standards and processes are defined, and experience has shown that these achieve savings of up to 70 percent in time and therefore also in costs for new connections and economies of scale by reducing the cost of connection!


eurodata tec GmbH is a eurodata subsidiary which provides software solutions and consulting services on all aspects of “Industry 4.0”. The focus is on data integration with edbic and process monitoring with edpem.