Connected Supply Chain - Monitoring of logistics processes

Track and Trace

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution there is increasing demand for the monitoring of inter-system and inter-company processes – for example the connection of transport processes with handling processes. There may be great potential in bringing together inter-company transport logistics with internal production and accounting logistics and, on the bottom line, also in interchange with the customer. By means of extended track-&-trace functionalities, the flows of goods can be made much more transparent for all those involved.

This is where the special qualities of eurodata's Smart Services Solution 'Connected Supply Chain' come into play: with Connected Supply Chain, it is not just deliveries and material flows that can be monitored, but all events along the whole of the value chain, for example also flows of supporting documents and cash flow payments. No matter where in the chain important events take place, 'Connected' means that the solution is in a position to identify them and, if required, issue warnings or initiate important measures automatically. All the information that is interchanged between companies, suppliers, service providers and customers is visualised in a central system, and the solution also functions as an early-warning system for all those involved.

The problem:
The success of globally active businesses depends increasingly on the performing strength of their supply chain. For this reason it is nowhere near sufficient any more simply to optimise internal production processes. Only if all those involved along the value chain act synchronously can a maximum of transparency be achieved. Long reaction times in critical processes will then be a thing of the past.

The solution:
With its proactive process event monitoring, the eurodata Smart Service Solution provides a company-wide and inter-company end-to-end view of all business processes and thus builds a bridge between IT, specialist departments and management. With this solution, operative risks can be monitored so intensively that if necessary interventions and corrections can be made directly. Individually adjustable alarm functions make it possible for the work to be exception-based. The results are fast and transparent processes which are also more reliable. Smooth operation can thus be guaranteed. Costs resulting from stoppages and outages are able to be reduced considerably.

The Connected Supply Chain Solution is based on the eurodata process event monitoring software edpem. There are many different areas in which the solution can be used: it can be deployed in all divisions of the company where processes and workflows need to be monitored: CRM, logistics, ordering, supply chain management, compliance with SLAs, processing of supporting documents etc.

Implemented as a cloud solution, managed service or on the premises – eurodata provides support from consulting right through to complete implementation.

eurodata tec GmbH is a eurodata subsidiary which provides software solutions and consulting services on all aspects of “Industry 4.0”. The focus is on data integration with edbic and process monitoring with edpem.